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At Haircut Headquarters, we take pride in the quality of our services. We emphasize teamwork and communication between each other to get the job done. To promote the excellence of service, we have created and environment that is fun for all of us and our customers.

We provide our excellent services in a comfortable atmosphere that has an attractive physical environment. Each member of the Haircut Headquarters team is efficient, responsible, and loyal.

Guest courtesy begins as soon as you enter the door. We create a clean, beautiful place with an attitude of caring and support for everyone. We have been and will continue to be successful because of our service, atmosphere, quality, and our people (ourselves and customers alike).

So come to Haircut Headquarters today to change up your current look or refresh your current one!
Get a stamp for every $15 haircut. After 5, you will recieve a free shampoo. After 10, you will recieve a free haircut!
2725 Hillcrest Ave, Antioch
(925) 706-2887

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Bed Head

Shampoo, Conditioner And Treatment

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